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autumn 2007: 
  Oak after November storm, 96th Street, East Elmhust, Queens ... Black birch in November rain, 23rd Avenue, East Elmhust, Queens... Blossoms spilling down a slope, Lake Cayuga...
late autumn 2005: 
  Sycamore on the Hudson, early morning... Sycamore on the Hudson, early morning (variation)... Oaks on the Hudson, early morning...
spring and summer 2004: 
  A misty April evening in New York City: the scents of flowering trees and grass carried on Manhattan's salty breeze is electrifying — you walk down the street and hardly feel the pavement — it feels like peppermint neon. Bear, relaxing at home. Grey-Grey, warm on a cold winter's day.

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In remembrance of February 1, 2004.  

...and they were brave, strong and free, and helped others by carrying science and exploration courageously forward as the rest of us watched them on TV.   Such fear we felt, at the thought that maybe there'd been an attack.  Yet these seven, lost in a fiery wind, faced the unknown with knowledge and heart.  And here we sit, still, watching them on TV...

In remembrance of September 11, 2001.  

May we all be brave, strong and free, and help others in our own way.  We know from our own country's history that arrogance breeds anger.  Let us remember how fortunate we are, thank the heavens for our luck, and share our good fortune, knowledge and skills with others in our own country and abroad.


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